Incense sticks natural

Incense sticks natural
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Incense sticks natural 100% fair traded A pack of incense sticks contains 15 sticks. Our... more
Product information "Incense sticks natural"

Incense sticks natural

100% fair traded

A pack of incense sticks contains 15 sticks.

Our incense sticks come from "WEAN" from Nepal. WEAN is a member of Fairtradegroup Nepal, WFTO Asia and WFTO. These incense sticks are made only with natural substances, without the addition of chemical substances. Each of these sticks burns for about 20-30 minutes.

Smoking: Smoking with different incense is practiced by all peoples around the world. On the one hand, it serves to exude pleasant scents, but also for natural medicine, ritual and magical purposes. With meditation, it makes it easier to switch off from everyday life. Incense is thought to have a cleaning effect. It cleanses the air and ourselves from bad influences and drives away evil spirits. Indians z. B. use incense to cleanse yourself from all religious and ritual acts. Healers and shamans use it to call their spirits for help. It is said that the smoke rises and thus creates the connection to the spirits.

Known incense substances include tree resins, such as frankincense and myrrh, which are also used in the Christian churches, woods (incense wood), various herbs and essential oils.

Incense is available in various forms. The most famous form is the incense stick. Compared to smoking loose incense on charcoal, sticks are easier to handle, more economical to use and can be produced in countless scents. Incense sticks originally come from Asia and are still used there in temples, at ceremonies and for meditation.

Some tips for using incense sticks: The incense stick is lit at the top and traditionally fanned out by hand after a few seconds (when enough embers have formed). You should avoid blowing out the flame. It is said that otherwise the good spirits will be driven out.

It is best to put the smoldering incense stick in a special holder or in a small bowl made of sand (fireproof pad) to prevent it from tipping over and to catch the falling ash. Depending on the type of stick, the sticks glow for up to an hour and exude their fragrance over the entire burning time. It is therefore not always necessary to completely burn an incense stick in order to achieve a good indoor climate. You can put out a smoldering incense stick by squeezing it in the sand. This means that an incense stick that has started can be used a second time.

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