Toronjil from Peru

Toronjil from Peru
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Toronjil from Peru 100% fair traded approx. 10 g pack Exudes a fresh lemony scent. There... more
Product information "Toronjil from Peru"

Toronjil from Peru

100% fair traded

approx. 10 g pack

Exudes a fresh lemony scent. There is strength to let go of feelings and opens up new perspectives. The herb should let the money flow!

Not suitable for consuming.

fresh lemon smell

Relaxes feelings and opens up new perspectives, for money blessings. Calming, mental effort, exam preparation

Smoking: Smoking with different incense is practiced by all peoples around the world. On the one hand, it serves to exude pleasant scents, but also for natural medicine, ritual and magical purposes. With meditation, it makes it easier to switch off from everyday life. Incense is thought to have a cleaning effect. It cleanses the air and ourselves from bad influences and drives away evil spirits. Indians z. B. use incense to cleanse yourself from all religious and ritual acts. Healers and shamans use it to call their spirits for help. It is said that the smoke rises and thus creates the connection to the spirits.

Unlike the self-smoldering incense sticks or candles, you need an incense burner / bowl and incense charcoal for this.

Fairtrade Note

The herbs are provided on the herb market in Peru and processed and packaged in our company in Lima.


The incense substances we offer are not medicinal and medicinal plants. All statements made here about the mode of action reflect the traditions handed down. It is not medical and scientific statements, the mode of action has not been scientifically proven. Please consult a doctor if you have health problems. In the case of previous illnesses, allergies or pregnancy, we ask you to consult a doctor before using the smoking articles. Use and dosage are always at your own discretion and at your own risk.

Our incense also does not represent food, cosmetics, pyrotechnic articles, medicinal or medicinal substances. The corresponding laws and regulations for these products can therefore not be applied to our products.

safety instructions

You always use our smoking articles at your own risk, we accept no liability for any consequences that may arise from their use. Both the incense cones and incense sticks, and especially the charcoal, can continue to glow for a very long time and must not be left unattended during the entire period in which they are used and afterglow. Always store the incense out of the reach of children. Please keep children and animals away from the incense. Protect yourself while smoking by wearing appropriate clothes and gloves, always use fireproof incense burners due to the enormous temperature and place the incense on a flat, fireproof surface.

No liability claims can be made against us for damage and injuries resulting from improper handling and use.

By purchasing this item, you agree that you have read and accepted these instructions.

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