Pyrite / cat gold (FeS2) on quartz

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Pyrite / cat gold (FeS2) on quartz Quality: A / B Length: approx. 9 cm Width: about 9 cm... more
Product information "Pyrite / cat gold (FeS2) on quartz"

Pyrite / cat gold (FeS2) on quartz

Quality: A / B

Length: approx. 9 cm

Width: about 9 cm

Height: about 6 cm

Weight: approx. 460 g

Location: Peru

Our minerals come from various mines in Peru. Most minerals are not found in nature alone. They sit on so-called "mother rock" and often form "paragenesis" (groups of different minerals one above the other or next to each other). So our minerals are mainly on bedrock and in paragenesis with one or more other minerals that are often found in Peru.

Pyrite / cat gold (FeS2)

The name of the pyrite comes from the Greek "pyr" for "fire" because it sparks when struck. Its metallic shine and golden color gave the pyrite the popular name of cat gold, which is derived from the word "heretic". In the English-speaking world it is called fool's gold, meaning "fool's gold". Pyrite is also called fool's gold in German, but much rarer. The term may have been taken from English.

Unlike real gold, pyrite is not malleable and, with a hardness of 6.0 to 6.5), much harder than the precious metal. However, at some sites, pyrite can actually contain tiny amounts of gold that can make it an economically degradable gold ore.

Pyrite or sulfur gravel is the classic "fool's gold". There are some other bright brass-colored minerals, but pyrite is the most well-known mineral that is thought to be gold. It is popular among collectors because of its golden color and diverse crystal formation. It often occurs in small cubes, sometimes in slices as the "pyrite sun".

Despite its widespread presence and high iron content, pyrite was never used as iron ore. Iron oxides such as hematite and magnetite are the main ores. Pyrite is not as economical to use as these ores and does not tend to be found in higher concentrations. If these ores become rare, pyrite will surely become the main ore for iron.

curative effect

The pyrite has a very conductive and cleansing function on the body due to its metallic properties. It dissolves blockages in us and frees us from fears such as B. Exam anxiety and barriers to contact. Of course, this also reduces depression and frustration and we learn more quickly when we are at a dead end in life. We recognize new hopes and ways of life and feel that life is worth living. Pyrite increases self-confidence and gives more empathy.

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