Fluorit (CaF2), 51 g

Fluorit (CaF2), 51 g
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Fluorite (CaF2) Quality: A / B Length: approx.3.5 cm Width: about 3 cm Height: about 3... more
Product information "Fluorit (CaF2), 51 g"

Fluorite (CaF2)

Quality: A / B

Length: approx.3.5 cm

Width: about 3 cm

Height: about 3 cm

Weight: approx. 51 g

Location: Peru

Our minerals come from various mines in Peru. Most minerals are not found in nature alone. They sit on so-called "mother rock" and often form "paragenesis" (groups of different minerals one above the other or next to each other). So our minerals are mainly on bedrock and in paragenesis with one or more other minerals that are often found in Peru.

Fluorite (CaF2)

Fluorite, also known under the mining name fluorspar or fluorspar or its chemical name calcium fluoride, is the calcium salt of hydrofluoric acid and a very common mineral from the mineral class of simple halides. It crystallizes in the cubic crystal system with the chemical composition CaF2 and mostly develops cubic crystals with predominantly cubes or octahedral habit as well as penetrating twins, but also granular, massive aggregates.

Pure fluorite is colorless and transparent, and also gray due to impurities. However, it can take on almost all colors, mostly in a weak intensity, due to external additions. Green, violet to black-violet and yellow crystals ("honey spar") are common, but blue, red and brown fluorites are also found. The line color, however, is always white. Fluorite is the leading mineral (scaling mineral) of the Mohs hardness scale for hardness 4. Occurrences exist in the Black Forest, Spain, Latin America, the USA and China.

Reported healing effects

Psychological effects:

  • stabilizes the psyche
  • provides more flexibility
  • beneficial effect on comprehension
  • sensitizes the intuitive sensations
  • strengthens concentration
  • gives more sense of responsibility

Physical effect

  • Stimulation of the regeneration of skin and mucus cells
  • Healing pimples and wounds
  • clears the airways and lungs
  • strengthens bones and teeth
  • counteracts postural damage
  • Prevention of tooth decay and gingivitis
  • helps with arthritis and osteoporosis
  • keeps old people agile

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